Monday, September 12, 2011

Fight Update: Missouri Kansas MMA Border War

Hey everyone, 
After sleeping the obligatory 4 to 5 hours after the fights Saturday night I got up and turned on the TV. I sat for hours and watched family members read off in alphabetical order all the names of the victims of the 9/11 attacks. (Yes, I watched from beginning until the end). Each one was afforded the chance to say something about that particular family member. The most heart-wrenching for me was a 10 year old boy who father was killed in the attacks. He never met his father because at the time his mom was only a few months pregnant with him. He thanked his dad for being thoughtful enough to bring him into this world. Yes, tears ran down my face.
Some people say that when we cage-fight it's senseless violence. I personally think that everyone should sit down with a dictionary and go through every word that they think they know and empirically understand the actual definition of the words they use. Maybe then people wouldn't sound like such idiots.
First of all I want to thank everyone who attended the fights on Saturday night. I can't begin to tell you how important it is to all the fighters that you guys are there. Next thanks to all the Instructors and fighters for helping the guys to prepare. We can't do what we do without you. Also thanks to Bryan Welch for being in our corner as cut-man. Thanks to him I always know the guys will be well taken care of.
As always I am very proud of the effort the guys put forth. They are excellent representatives of what we do.
Sean, in his first ever MMA bout, had a tremendous fight against a pretty seasoned 1-1 fighter. The first round was pretty even then Sean's wrestling skills took over in the second and third. He won a well deserved unanimous decision.
Rob, also in his first fight against Desi Arnau, came out with some strong leg kicks that hurt Desi and decent clinch work. As it happens in MMA Rob made a mistake when they went to the ground and got caught with an overhand right that gave him a flash knockout. Desi landed two more punches and they stopped the fight.
Dominic and Ernesto Meneses had what was termed the fight of the night and the announcer said that it was the best MMA fight he's ever seen. Both guys decided to meet in the middle and bang. It went that way non-stop for the entire fight. It was extremely close. Dom got an inadvertent headbutt that opened a small cut on his hairline that bled like crazy. Dom opened two huge cuts on Ernesto's left eye. I was tremendously surprised
that the doctor didn't stop the fight after the second round. Dom lost a unanimous decision. I had him losing the first two rounds and winning the third. I was told their fight received a 5 minute standing ovation.
All the fighters are fine. Noone is injured, just a little tired.
Thanks again for all the support. We should have some more fights coming soon.
Steve Woolridge
Kansas City Chief Krav Maga Instructor

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

What happened?

Hey Everyone,
I just wanted to send out a post to let everyone know that stories of my death are greatly exaggerated.
I am hopefully scheduled to be released from the hospital tomorrow evening assuming that I can do all my physical therapy drills.
On Saturday the 18th while doing the Civilian Firearms Training class I completely tore both patella tendons off the bone on each knee.
Some individuals had questions in class about whether or not they could draw their firearm in time to shoot an assailant closing with a knife. The drill is called the Tueller Drill (which is just another reason why we do Krav Maga). You can Google it and get some really good information about it. We've done the drill dozens of times. We were both wearing proper safety equipment and the drill is not at all dangerous to practice.
The gunman stands and waits 21ft from the individual with the knife. When the knife wielder moves, the gunman can pull their weapon. I was the knife wielder.  I exploded and ran at Brent (gunman) as I leaped to stab him both of my knees dislocated and stayed out. For any of you that know me you know my knees are all beat up and that both kneecaps "float". I've had other people tell me that "yeah theirs is like that too". No, it isn't. I can pull them out of socket and leave them out until I want to pop them back in. I've had this happen before but only on one knee and they eventually popped back in. This time they didn't. The only way I can describe it to you is this: Imagine pulling your knees out of socket then squatting deep on the balls of your feet. Then jump.
I had surgery to clean up all the bone chips, they drilled holes in my kneecaps and reattached the tendons (I don't think they'll float any more). Hopefully I'll be released back into the wild tomorrow evening. My knee brace time is 4 to 6 weeks. The doctor estimated it will take me 4 to 6 months to be back to full speed. I take that as a challenge.
Classes will continue as normal. All the guys and gals have pitched in to take up my slack. I should be back as a presence at the school by next week.
BTW, I stabbed Brent in the head with the training knife.
Steve Woolridge
Kansas City Chief Krav Maga Instructor

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Rick Staples Resume


Charles R. “Rick” Staples



Over 35 years professional experience as patrol officer and investigator with mid-sized midwestern city with additional duties as firearms and tactical team instructor in multiple weapon systems; articulate, innovative, results-oriented leader whose specific skills include:

Range safety                                                                    Classroom and communication     
Weapons, accessories, ammunition evaluations             Course-of-fire design
Planning and organization                                               Computer presentation 



Overland Park, Kansas, Police Department                                                            1973 – 2009
Senior Patrol Officer Academy instructor / retired

As a multi-faceted officer, in addition to regular duties as a patrol officer, served as precision rifleman and entry team member on the SWAT team.  Functioned as lead instructor for the department firearms training unit from 1977 to 2005.  Served on the Fugitive Apprehension Unit. 

·      Authored and implemented department-wide transitional training from revolver to semi-auto pistol, instructing 250 officers over 5,000 hours of classroom and range instruction.
·      Authored department-wide transition program from Beretta pistol to Glock pistol.
·      Developed transition training from pump shotgun to semi-auto shotgun, implemented with department-wide classroom and range training.
·      Developed and implemented the patrol rifle program
·      Wrote and maintained the department’s basic pistol instructors manual. Wrote and instructed a two week firearms instructor program.
·      Wrote the less-lethal munitions program.
·      Authored and instructed Regional Police Academy core topics.
·      Tested and evaluated weapons, equipment and tactics for the Overland Park Police Department

Independent Instructor

Kansas City Metro Tactical Officer Association                                                            1994 – 2002
Tactical Shotgun Instructor
Chapman Academy Adjunct Instructor                                                                        1982
            Tactical Shotgun
Johnson County Community College            Police Academy Instructor                     1977 – 2009
Thunder Ranch Adjunct Instructor                                                                                2001 – Present
            Level 1 and 2 Handgun, Urban rifle, Team Tactics, Old Rifle


NRA patrol rifle instructor school                                                                                  June 04           

Self-Defense Handgun II, CRTC (Bennie Cooley), Overland Park, KS                        Jan 99
Hornady Tactical Carbine School, Hastings, NE                                                          Jun 98
Thunder Ranch, Inc., Mountain Home, TX
            Team Tactics                                                                                                     Jun 02
            Old Rifle                                                                                                            Apr 02
            Urban Rifle II                                                                                                     Sep 01
            High Intensity Tactical                                                                                       Jul 00
            General Purpose Rifle                                                                                      Sep 99
            Defensive Shotgun                                                                                           Apr 98
            Home/Vehicle Defense                                                                                     Aug 97
            Defensive Pistol I                                                                                             Aug 95
            Urban Rifle                                                                                                       Jul 93
Defensive Shotgun, Gunsite Academy, Paulden, AZ                                                   Jun 91
Officer Survival School, Chapman Academy, Hallsville, MO                                       Oct 89
I.A.L.E.F.I. Annual Training Conferences                                                                    87, 90, 92, 95, 96, 99, 05
F.B.I. Schools
            Submachinegun Instructor School                                                                   Jun 97
            Rangemaster Training Course                                                                         Mar 96
            Advanced Sniper School                                                                                  Aug 92
            Firearms Instructor School                                                                               Jun 88
            Firearms Instructor School                                                                               Oct 77
Calibre Press Street Survival Seminars                                                                      Jul 84, Aug 82
            Remington Wingshooting School, Bloomington, IL                                          Oct 96
Advanced Law Enforcement Training Camp, Action Target
            Provo, Utah                                                                                                      Jun 01
Columbia, MO                                                                                                 May 94
Advanced SWAT School, I.A.C.P., Lenexa, KS                                                            May 92
Anti-Terrorism Seminar, Illinois State Police, Springfield, IL                                         Dec 78
Armorers Schools
            Heckler & Koch – G36                                                                                      Jul 02
            Beretta Pistol                                                                                                    Jan 94
            Mossberg Shotgun                                                                                           Apr 91
            Glock Pistol                                                                                                      May 87/99/0109



Bachelor of Arts, Sociology, Pittsburg State University, Pittsburg, KS                         1973


Kansas City Metro Tactical Officers Association
International Association of Law Enforcement Firearms Instructors
Kansas Peace Officers Association
National Rifle Association Life member
International Defensive Pistol Association
National Skeet Shooting Association

Monday, December 13, 2010

Is there value in the hCG Diet as way to lean out?

Russell Dawkins asks, Yeah I'm looking at doing the HCG Diet to try and "lean out"'s where you inject yourself with something nefarious like cat urine or something another and eat like a max of 500 kcal of food per day. It seems to work for weight loss of up to 1lb of body fat per day (for some unknown reason?) -and- is getting rave reviews on the web lately!!! Does it actually work and is it healthier than the recently discredited "Twinkie Diet"??? I was so waiting for an "Ask Steve" section!!!

Nefarious. Such a good word.

Not being from this planet, I worry about this planet. Not wanting to waste an hour and a half of my life that I will never get back, I will instead give you an article to read and some brief thoughts on it. 

The hCG diet that Russell is referring to consists basically of using hCG along with a 500 calorie per day diet. hCG is Human Chorionic Gonadotropin. Pull it up on Wikipedia and it will give you a good basic description.

The gullibility of the average person on the planet continues to amaze me.
Remember what I said in the last post about people thinking 2+2=5?!

Any "diet" of 500 calories per day will make you use weight,...for a while. As soon as your body gets used to that calorie amount your metabolism will slow. Also, after a while in order to feed itself the body will use the most complete protein on the planet. Your lean muscle mass. As you lose lean muscle mass your body will burn even less calories. And most importantly after your willpower or the chemical you are taking to suppress your appetite gives out (wasn't hoodia all the rage a short time ago) you will gain back all the weight you lost and then some if you continue to eat the same way you did before. This is why pretty much all the major companies who had diet plans had MAJOR lawsuits against them, because they are nothing more than starvation diets. If you like those I have a cheaper diet that works for you. It's called the "chain yourself to a pole in the basement diet".

Here is an article written by Dan Gwartney MD ( about the process of fat loss. Pay particular attention to the sentence toward the end that reads;

"When one considers all the various hormones, drugs, enzymes, etc., involved in fat storage/breakdown, it becomes clear why one drug could never circumvent all the regulatory pathways".

Daniel Gwartney, M.D.
Board Certified Physician
World Renowned Fitness Authority
National Columnist - Muscular Development Magazine
Natural Bodybuilder

The only other use I've heard of for hCG is for bodybuilders who use it when they are coming off of a heavy steroid cycle to help stabilize their hormones. Let me ask you this. If this diet actually did what it claims to do, wouldn't every single bodybuilder on the planet use it to get down to 2% bodyfat without training?!!!!!

It truly amazes me how far people will go to avoid actual effort and discipline.

Here's a diet that actually works:  The diet I outlined in the last post and exercise. Yep, that's the secret.


Monday, December 6, 2010

What is the best way to burn fat? What is the best dietary regimen?

Melissa Hooper Swartz asks, What's the best way to burn fat/lean out in terms of diet? Low carb and high protein?

Dan Spencer asks, I vaguely recall you saying once that you never eat breads or grains, maybe even no dairy - just lots of meat and veggies. Whats the best dietary regimen for Krav Training? What do you eat?

Since these are very closely related let's combine the two.

Here are some common misconceptions on nutrition:
  • One: Being skinny does not equal lean.
  • Two: Being skinny does not equal healthy.
  • Three: Current nutrition dogma is stupid at best.
  • Four: There are no pasta trees or oatmeal bushes in the wild
  • Five: 2+2 equals five.
My diet consists basically of lean meats (wild and grass fed whenever I can get it), fish, fresh fruits and vegetables. I'll also eat nuts in the form of almonds, walnuts, macadamia etc. Water is also super important.

The best way to lean out is by eating a diet that is high in clean protein, low carb (fresh fruit and vegetable based) and good fats and to eat less calories than you burn. Unless there is something genetically wrong with you (less than 1/10 of 1% of people on this planet actually have this problem) this diet works. Period.

When we have guys cut weight for an MMA fight this is the way I have them eat. Think about this; these guys need to be as strong as possible for their body weight, they need to have as much anaerobic and aerobic endurance as possible and they need to be mentally dialed in. Usually guys drop weight so fast on this diet I have to tell them to eat more.

Check out one of our students, Rob Reis (We'll have an interview up with Rob in the near future). Rob is an ex-Marine who let himself go a bit and got pretty heavy. In the last four months he's lost 60lbs. Now understand this as well he also trains at the school about 7 or 8 hours or more a week. Yes, he actually has the energy to do that. When I first put Rob on his particular diet he had trouble eating all the food I told him to eat!!

The biggest problem I see when people try to eat this way is that they don't understand fuel sources. They look at it and go "Oh yeah, I get it. Just eat protein and cut all the carbs". Dumb. What they don't understand is that when you cut out the carbs you need to replace the fuel source. That needs to be replaced with good fats.

When doing your Krav Maga training because of all the explosive training we do, you'll probably want to add more carbohydrates (good ones!!) to your diet.

I get these questions daily. To me it's incredibly strange because I've been talking about the same things for the last 15+ years. When you look at it logically it's so simple. I think the main reason people struggle with this so much is that there is so much misinformation out there it is unbelievable.

Understand that modern humans have been on the planet for about 200,000 years. The Paleolithic period of man was from about this time until about 12,000 BC. People living during this time survived as hunter/gatherers. Their diet consisted basically of lean wild meat, fish and whatever fruits and vegetables they could find. A diet to which human beings are genetically adapted to. Humans are also omnivores and have an incredible digestive system that can process just about anything. That doesn't mean that it is good for it.

From about 12,000 to 6,000 BC or so, because of increased population and lesser food supplies, people started to add new foods to their diet in the form of grains, dairy and raised animals. So you basically have a lot of new foods introduced to the digestive system along with an radical increase in saturated fats. Genetically not a great idea. What we've seen because of that is an increased genetic disposition to a number of diseases that occur later in life. These include heart disease, strokes, particular forms of cancer (prostate, breast, colon) quite a few autoimmune diseases (witness the recent development of Type II (adult onset) diabetes now seen in children that has never happened in the history of mankind). There have also been some chronic degenerative diseases connected to this such as Parkinson's and Alzheimer's. Many studies have shown that the more that you consume this type of diet, the more of these diseases you have the possibility to develop. The dairy, grains and processed sugar Americans eat are tremendously nutrient poor. By the way, the three highest allergen producers on the planet are dairy, grains and processed sugar. What are the main products grown and produced in the US? What is the bulk of the American diet? Why are Americans so fat? Pretty obvious isn't it.

Some of the things from the BS pile:
  • The American Corn Growers Association taking out commercials to tell you that high-fructose corn syrup is the same as sugar. Really?! I've got some swampland down in Florida I'd like you to take a look at.
  • That people need grains in their diet. Right along with that is another good one, I've seen commercials tauting the benefits of whole grains in dog food. Really?! When have you seen a wild dog running down an animal and stop to munch on a stalk of wheat instead?
  • Processed dairy is good for you. Name me one animal that after they are weened runs over and starts sucking on the teet of another animal.
I could spend a year writing about all the benefits for this type of diet. Let me give you some references of what I think are the some of the best ideas on the planet.
  • The Paleo Diet
  • The Meat, Leaf and Berry Diet
  • Neanderthin
  • Any information from Paul Chek
I'm also available to sit down with you and develop a program specifically for you.

I'll leave you with a quote from Ben Franklin.

"Being ignorant is not so much a shame, as being unwilling to learn".

Don't take what I am saying as dogmatic truth. Honestly test it for yourself. You'll be amazed.


Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Is there any benefit to low rep heavy weight training along with the explosive light weight training?

Here's a question from Rick Staples. Is there any benefit to low rep heavy weight training along with the explosive light weight training we do in fitness?  Good question Rick.

Rick is referencing our Fitness classes at the school.

My answer is no....and yes. It all depends.

It is interesting that a question that is so simple can be so complex as well.

I could write 20 to 30 pages about this but I'll try to give you a thumbnail sketch. It depends on a number of items.
  • What are you trying to accomplish?
  • Are you trying to be an Olympic or Power Lifter?
  • What exercises are you doing? Are you using free weights or a (UGH!!) machine?
  • How long have you been training?
  • What do you consider heavy and what do you consider low rep?
My heavy will be a lot different than the average person. For example I can dead lift almost 3x my body weight (No belt, no knee wraps, no suit). Most people can barely do 1.5x. I can also take a weight that is about 30% of your one rep maximum and make it feel like it weighs a thousand pounds. Those of you who have trained with me know this.

Heavy for me is 85% or more of my one rep maximum in an exercise and low rep is no more than 5 repetitions.

When you are training this heavy you are not really training the muscles as much as you are training your central nervous system. That is something the vast majority of people who train do not understand. Training the same movement for three weeks straight tends to burn out your CNS slowing progress. We see this all the time in people who start weight training and their progress is great in the beginning then comes to a screeching halt when their nervous system isn't trained properly. Think of someone you know who has lifted for more than two years. I guarantee that their max efforts in their exercises hasn't changed for a long time. So what they do is start looking for new supplements and more exotic rep programs and workouts. What they need to do is change the angle and type of the exercise and do some auxiliary work. Oh and give their nervous system a break.

Here are some basic thoughts or principles to follow:
  • Never train heavy movements when exhausted or after doing extended cardiovascular work.
  • Never train a technical movement at the end of your workout.
  • Don't train to failure.
  • Rest more in between sets.
  • Practice your lift. If you don't know how to do it correctly find someone who does (No, not your buddy). If you don't you'll never be as efficient (therefore as strong) as you could be in the movement. (Let me clue you in, 95%+ of all people I've seen train don't know how to do exercises correctly).
  • Do not try to max out in your lift every day or even every week. Once a month is plenty.
  • You should feel really energetic after working out.
  • Almost all strength movements move vertically. This erodes lateral flexibility. That is, if you do a lot of dead lifts and squats you'll notice that the height of your round kicks diminishes greatly. There is a cure. Stretch.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Open Letter to Individuals Interested in Krav Maga in the Kansas City Area

There has been a recently been a large number of people in the Kansas City area claiming to teach Krav Maga. I would like to clear up some popular misconceptions for you.

Krav Maga WorldWide/Krav Maga National Training Center is the sanctioning body for all Krav Maga training in North America. Darren Levine is the head of the system for North America. He was one of two people given a Founder's Diploma by Imi Lichtenfeld, the gentleman who first developed Krav Maga.

My school is the only school in the Kansas City area that is a licensee of Krav Maga WorldWide.

I am the Chief Instructor of Krav Maga in Kansas City. That's disputed by no one. I've trained Local and Federal Law Enforcement, military and civilians. During the last 10 years I've logged over 10,000 teaching/training hours. There are a number of people in the Kansas City area who (by listing my name on their website and by other means) have tried or are trying to infer that they are recommended or authorized by me. This is false. I have at no time in the past recommended or presently recommend training with any other individuals in Krav Maga in the Kansas City area.

There are two people authorized to teach Krav Maga Law Enforcement Curriculum in the Kansas City area. That would be myself and Lieutenant Erik Hulse of the Overland Park Police Department.

If someone claims to be a Krav Maga Fighter in the Kansas City area there is an easy way to tell. If I'm not in the corner, they're not one of our fighters.

The reason that you see a number of other people claiming to teach Krav Maga in Kansas City is very simple. About 5 or so years ago Krav Maga WorldWide/Krav Maga National Training Center lost a long standing legal battle to copyright the term "Krav Maga". Before this happened a Cease and Desist letter was sent to those claiming to teach it without authorization. (I know this for a fact because I personally generated no less than  four letters). The court ruled that it was a generic term. After this occurred, anyone could "hang out their shingle" and claim that they are teaching it.  All but my school have done this because they didn't want to commit to the money, time or the training required to go through the National Training Center.

The reason for this letter is to educate people to the fact that you may not be getting Krav Maga the way it is supposed to be taught by someone who is trained to teach it. The vast majority of these individuals have gleaned the majority of their information from our books and videos. I have received over a dozen emails, phone calls and individuals coming to my school asking if we teach "fake" Krav Maga or if we teach the real thing. Most of these individuals tried classes at other schools and came away feeling that the instructors were not proficient or that it was not actual Krav Maga but a conglomeration of other systems.

My suggestion would be this; go somewhere and try a class and then come to our facility and decide from there.

Steve Woolridge
Kansas City Chief Krav Maga Instructor